Recovery from bipolar disorder

A Multitude of Recoveries Through Alternative Mental Health Treatments

My son had congenital Lyme Disease, meaning he picked up Lyme Disease from me during pregnancy. He was diagnosed as bipolar long before the Lyme diagnosis, and on 3 psych drugs was no longer being sent home from school frequently. Months of antibiotics allowed us to lower the dosage of all 3 to half, but still with many difficult behaviors and we were stuck there. Carl Pfeiffer, MD, PhD described nutritional deficits noted in the chemistry of many types of mental illness. In the case of bipolars, he described three different types of patients with nutritional deficiencies. Bill Walsh, PhD, the chief scientist of the Pfeiffer Treatment Center was kind enough to tell me that he had only seen three Lyme patients who were bipolar, but all three suffered from an ailment called pyroluria. This condition occurs when there are too many pyrroles in the blood. Pyrroles are a normal byproduct of hemoglobin recycling in the body but poor metabolism can create an excess of pyrroles. Pyrroles bond to B6 and zinc, thus an overload of them creates a deficiency in these nutrients. The result is a genetic stress disorder associated with severe mood swings, high anxiety, and depression. The biochemical signature of this disorder includes elevated urine kryptopyrroles, a double deficiency of zinc and B-6, and low levels of arachidonic acid. Pyrolurics are devastated by stresses including physical injury, emotional trauma, illness, sleep deprivation, etc. Symptoms include sensitivity to light and loud noises, tendency to skip breakfast, dry skin, abnormal fat distribution, rage episodes, little or no dream recall, reading disorders, underachievement, histrionic behaviors, and severe anxiety. They usually respond quickly to supplements of zinc, B-6, Primrose Oil, and augmenting nutrients. Pyrolurics are generally deficient in arachidonic acid (an omega-6 fat) and benefit from Primrose Oil, rich in a primary precursor of arachidonic acid. The key lab test is urine kryptopyrroles. More information is available at Subsequent to treating Jamie as a pyrroluric he was rapidly removed from all psychiatric medicine and his psychiatric symptoms rapidly improved. His teachers in school note the same rapid progress I have observed at home.