Recovery from bipolar disorder

A Multitude of Recoveries Through Alternative Mental Health Treatments

After a normal youth, I had my first manic episode at the age of 16. Later, after I was out on my own, the manic episodes began again. I believe that when I was still living with my parents they helped me by making me go to bed and get regular sleep. I was diagnosed by my doctor as being schizophrenic. Eventually, I was put on lithium and I felt somewhat well on it because the manic episodes seemed to stop. Then, after the birth of my first daughter, I began having manic episodes again. My confidence in the lithium was lowered because the medicine that was supposed to be protecting me from manic episodes now seemed to cause them! I kept taking the medicine but felt I had a lack of alternatives. In the year 2000 I began to get half way to a recovery because I started taking natural food supplements. I discovered this after reading Dr. Rath’s book “Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks But People do.” For instance, the book mentions people taking diuretics (water pills), and then losing vitamins and minerals they need to prevent heart attacks as a result of the pills. But I did keep taking the lithium, and the food supplements made it easier to do so. In 2002 I stopped taking the lithium. Everything felt better and I was able to get goose bumps from listening to music, something which I did not feel at all during 5 years of taking lithium. I did have to start taking it again later, after I began to have manic episodes when I had to stay up at night caring for my sick daughter. But soon after I read an article about Omega-3 fatty acids being very important to people with bipolar disorder. With that I started taking 3 grams of fish oil a day. Having that new fuel to my brain, I found I did not get a manic episode at all! After this, I stopped taking lithium again in April, 2002. I kept confident that I would not get manic at all. My second child was expected in June, and I was sure I would not get manic at all and that I would be able to feel every emotion that should be felt by a father who loves his children. In May I had my first visit with a homeopathic doctor which was very successful. He believed my story about fish oils, and even put me on flax oil, an even better source of fatty acids. I felt for the first time that I was being taken seriously by a doctor. He also prescribed Carcino Sinum 100k twice a week, two granules. A week after I started taking this things started to go a lot better because I didn’t care about things so seriously the way I did before. It was a very good and natural feeling. I told my psychiatrist I had finally stopped taking the lithium. He said he had to respect my choice although he did not understand! Then in June, our second child was born. There was no trouble at all with the birth as far as my having manic episodes! I was really beginning to enjoy it! My wife even noticed that we had less disputes and that everything with me seemed to go easier! Now it is autumn of 2002. Normally I can get in trouble in autumn, but this year the trouble stays away and I still feel as normal as I did in the summer when the baby was born! I am now taking the homeopathic substance Carcino Sinum 200k every week, and soon it will be Carcino Sinum MK every two weeks. It is simply great how I feel and behave. I sleep well - and that is the most important thing for somebody who is affected with mental health trouble. I am so happy I took this step. My brain is reaching its full “power” again and on normal fuel! The reasons I could stop the lithium are two-fold. First, the Omega-3 fatty acids (1 gram, 3 times a day), which take away one of the causes of bipolar disorder. This was taken along with an amino acid complex and vitamin B-complex, 100 mg, taken in the evening before bed. Then I followed this with a good multi-vitamin with amino acids in the morning. The Omega-3 fatty acids just feel like the right fuel for my brain. The second reason is that I visited a homeopathic doctor who prescribed something that made it easier for me to just “let things be the way they are.” In the end, I have gotten back my emotions without taking lithium at all. For those seeking further information, the author can be contacted via his site at: