Recovery from bipolar disorder

A Multitude of Recoveries Through Alternative Mental Health Treatments

I have travelled a long and torturous journey before I discovered the light. I have been prescribed a variety of psychiatric medications for a mental illness that prevented me from holding down a job. I reached the end of the road. I found that in the long term, the medications made me worse. My psychiatrist was a hypocrite when he loaded me on antipsychotics, mood stabilizers and antidepressants and confided in me that he took B complex supplements every day without fail for mental health. Yet he would coerce me onto a med combo and get angry when I was not compliant. When I walked into the pharmacy with a Coca-Cola in hand, my pharmacist told me to quit taking Coca-Cola because it was high in sugar and bad for my health by depleting my body of nutrients and could cause diabetes. He said he never drank the stuff because it was toxic. And yet when I suggested that I replace nutritional supplements over psychiatric drugs he would advocate the use of Ritalin and Valium as being non-toxic and non-addictive to keep his profits up. How can he say Coca-Cola is a toxic chemical and Valium safe as lollies (candy)? While highlighting the corruption and greed of medical professionals who put profits over the well-being of patients, I can only say that with a careful combination of vitamins and minerals I have conquered my mental illness and feel like a new person. It will take a while before my brain gets over the effects of the drugs I took I would like to add that I was guided to self-help through the book OPTIMUM NUTRITION FOR THE MIND by Patrick Holford. I followed some of the recommendations in his book and tailored a suitable regime for bipolar. I must emphasize that you have to be careful if you are experimenting alone and it probably helps to have medical supervision (blood tests done). You have to apply the recommendations intelligently and I could imagine those who could misread his instructions. I found a lot of depressive and manic symptoms have responded to a combination of vitamin c and magnesium supplements. I take several grams of vitamin c per day via powder with bioflavanoids and found that since vitamin c leaches out some magnesium to add a magnesium supplement. I've read magnesium is needed to calm the nerves and can hold a back mania. On this combination, my mood has picked up, sleep and concentration is improved, I socialise better and am more motivated during the day. Despite, what some scientists have said about Linus Pauling's work on mega dosing vitamin c, I can honestly say that people with manic depressive illness may need a lot more than the normal population. Some books that I have read explained that vitamin c works in bipolar by reducing vanadium levels. Among the plethora of anecdotes and literature, I am sure there is some alternative treatments that do help and completely safe, but there are a some that can also be harmful. I am a lot better now and am grateful that I don't need to go back to the lithium and mood stabilizers.