Recovery from “ADD”

My youngest son, age 17, has suffered with ADD symptoms for many years with the usual problems -- obnoxious behavior that annoyed teachers, family and peers, under achievement and resorting to illicit drugs for comfort. I found I had celiac disease, a sensitivity to gluten, a protein substance found in wheat and other grains. When I suggested to my older son, who was experiencing severe mental problems, that he stop eating gluten, he noticed an immediate improvement. He got even better after removing milk from his diet. After seeing the success of his elder brother on the gluten-free diet, my youngest voluntarily began the gluten-free, milk-free diet. After six weeks, he noted how calm he'd become and was enjoying being included in more social activities. He's strictly adhered to the diet for almost 18 months now and his ADD symptoms are well controlled. He's now a senior in high school, succeeding academically, popular with his peers and teachers and happy at home.