Recovery from “ADHD”

We had our last review with Allison's teacher, L.D. teacher, and school psychologist. At the beginning of the review the psychologist stated that she has seen definite improvement in Allison's grades and her concentration level. Jennifer and I both were happy to hear this, then she asked what kind of Medication that our pediatrician had prescribed for her, and I said Concerta (Ritalin) to which she replied, "well I can see that it has definitely made a difference in Allison's school work. I then replied, "That's interesting that you say that because she was prescribed these pills but she has never taken one of them." I explained to her that after further review of this medication, we felt that the risks were to great, and all Allison needs is a little extra one on one time with us. So after providing that extra effort with her she has shown improvement, but it was definitely not because of any "wonder drug."