Recovery from psychosis

A Multitude of Recoveries Through Alternative Mental Health Treatments

My father who was a doctor received a frantic call from a woman he knew. She called him first, before calling the authorities, because she was so confused and afraid, and she had a great deal of trust in him. What was disturbing her was the behavior of her husband, who up until that time had been a perfectly normal person. She had come home from work that day to discover blood all over the kitchen, and bits of hair and hide stuck to some of the bloody spots. There were bloody hand marks on the refrigerator door. She opened the 'fridge and found inside, neatly wrapped in cling wrap, a small collection of well butchered cutlets. In the trash can she found the head and feet of a cat. She screamed for her husband, who was reading the paper in the living room. He came to the kitchen and with a sheepish look on his face apologized for not cleaning up the kitchen. He explained that after butchering the cat, he felt tired and so sat down to read for a while, meaning to clean up later. He showed no signs of recognizing the insanity of what he had done. That's when she called my father. My father drove to her home and had a little sit down with her and her husband. They discussed the butchering event - it turns out that the man thought that eating cat was normal, that he and his wife regularly ate cat. Then my father looked into the medicine cabinet and found nothing that could explain his behavior except---bromo selter. After further discussion it was learned that the man had been having a lot of indigestion and was taking bromo, sometimes 3 times a day, for several months. The bromo seltzer was flushed, the man switched to alka-seltzer, and he never had a strange episode again.