Recovery from psychosis

A Multitude of Recoveries Through Alternative Mental Health Treatments

When my eldest son was 23, he was failing all his college classes and was plagued with visual & auditory hallucinations. I was scared to death he would end up on major tranquilizers and be in and out of institutions for the rest of his life. About that time I was diagnosed with celiac disease (see above article) and thought perhaps that was his problem. I had been unable to get my son into a doctor's office for his problems, but somehow I managed to talk him into cutting out "white stuff" from his diet (flour & sugar). The transformation was almost overnight. He was suddenly able to concentrate on his school work and all his delusions and demons left. He eventually was diagnosed with celiac disease & began the gluten-free (gf) diet in earnest. He further refined his diet to omit dairy products which also caused him unpleasant symptoms. He's now fulfilling his dream to attend a four-year university & pursue a degree in history.