Recovery from Depression


I was precribed Zoloft for depression almost 2 years ago. About 9 months ago I started taking Immune 26 daily. It is an all natural health supplement with over 100 global patents. It is listed in the PDR for non-prescription health supplements. It helps to balance the immune system and get it back to the state it is suppose to be. I figured since mental function and the immune system are linked together then I would quit taking Zoloft and see what happened just with the Immune 26. I was amazed to the results. I was sleeping better, getting up feeling refreshed, and I wasn't on edge all the time. I was able to handle everything life throws at me and not feel overwhelmed by it. I am still taking Immune 26 and NO Zoloft. I have seen better results with Immune 26 than I ever did with Zoloft. The best thing is I am doing it with a natural product and not a drug. If anyone would like to learn more about Immune 26 just contact me.