A Multitude of Recoveries Through Alternative Mental Health Treatments

Hello fellow suffers. I have been wonderfully supported by friendly staff of the very capable and caring people of the Truehope family. Some ten years ago I suffered a minor stroke at my daughter's wedding, and although I recovered consciousness after about ten minutes, my health from then on slowly declined. Many days when I got out of bed I was very unsteady and often had to lean on the wall on my way to the kitchen for breakfast. I had to lie down for rest frequently, and my local doctor said that I was suffering from depression and prescribed as many as ten different anti-depressive prescription medications over a period of five years. Most days I was able to feed our livestock on our retirement farm but I was not very effective and wondered how I had managed to pursue my earlier career of engineering pulp mills in many countries of the world for many years with many foreign languages. A big mental challenge. It was apparent, however, that the anti-depressive prescription drugs seemed to be doing me more harm than good, and unfortunately my wife decided that she had enough of my problems. Sometimes tears would be rolling down my cheeks, of which I was not aware, and one day, my eldest son beat me very badly and I had to be taken to the local hospital that night. I was released from hospital the same night. My wife and son then laid criminal charges against me for assault and I was taken back to hospital for a mental checkup. I was released three days later after extensive testing and pronounced perfectly sane. I was badly bruised. They were completely unmarked. The police then picked me up from hospital and told me that I would be put in jail unless I accepted charges of assault. Nine months later there was a criminal trial and charges against me were thrown out of court. Fortunately I had friends in Comox and they rented me a room for a while. There I cared for a grandchild who was born blind. It convinced me my troubles were nothing compared to those of this poor little girl. One day my lawyer showed me an article in a daily newspaper which referred to the treatment of depressive illnesses by Truehope. What a positive change to my life. I am now 73 years old. The support and concern of staff has been exceptional and I now believe that the poisonous drugs are slowly leaching from my body, all thanks to this very fine nutrient, EMPowerplus. I do realize that if! over-exert myself physically, (riding my road-bike too fast) will cause me trouble. Many thanks to all the staff at Truehope. One day I hope to come and meet you all.