Recovery from bipolar disorder and anxiety disorder

A Multitude of Recoveries Through Alternative Mental Health Treatments

Get past issues of Alternative Mental Health News Here I am bipolar, have a generalized anxiety disorder, and used to be severely hypoglycemic. After I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and received IV and IM Rocephin (antibiotic) treatment, the majority of my rapid cycling disappeared. Also, I use light therapy...suffered tremendously from SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) syndrome, and use light boxes and natural sunlight to alleviate depression...especially in winter. Rocephin also nearly eradicated this symptomology. But, I still benefit from bright-light exposure. I also have to stay away from red meat. Severe digestive shutdown problems. I can have it, but I pay a price for it for about an hour afterward. Cognitive difficulty, falling asleep (narcolepsy-type situation). That's also in my diagnosis since Lyme. If I stay away from red meat, it's not as much of a problem. I have found that excluding sugar almost entirely helps immensely...even natural sugars like orange juice. Before I knew that avoiding sugar would help how I felt, I would pass out like the proverbial drunk every afternoon because I put so much sugar in my coffee...and drank a LOT of coffee...that I would forget to eat. I became much more sensible later on in life, and have followed a no-sugar diet for nearly 20 years now. I eat a lot of salmon, which also seems to help me tremendously. It contains a lot of natural tryptophane, which is also a boost. Also a natural sleep aid, and helps with muscle pain. Sugar will make me weak, irritable, jittery, and interrupt my cognitive functioning. I eat a lot of deep green veggies, too, and no fried foods. Also limit my intake of pasta and potatoes. Also refuse to use ANY type of artificial sweetener. These are just things that seem to work well for me. Everybody's different. I don't have the mood swings, the fatigue, or the jitters following this regimen.