Bipolar Recovery

A Multitude of Recoveries Through Alternative Mental Health Treatments

I feel that I have been extremely blessed by finding the nutritional information on My life was a wreck of constant chaos and drama before I figured out I could use a healthy diet and nutritional supplements to heal my mental problems. I couldn't finish school and constantly ran from one interest to another, not finishing anything. I couldn't get into healthy long-lasting relationships - I had drama relationships. For many years I dropped most of my classes in junior college every semester, and then started again the next semester. I couldn't concentrate or focus. I had mood problems. I got suicidal thoughts for two days right before my period every month. One cup of coffee could send me into an elevated rush where I couldn't fall asleep all night. I was hospitalized five times in the county mental health system, about once a year. My family gave up on me and finally kicked me out of the family. They made me go to a special residential program - which I don't recommend because they cost $5,000 a month and don't use nutritional medicine. That program, despite the huge cost, didn't work. I then became homeless. Then I was put in the system and was put on SSI. I was diagnosed first with ADD, then as bipolar, and then bipolar with schizoaffective. I was aimless in the system on medication. I still had problems with life, and had major food and internet and shopping addictions. My life was going nowhere and I felt the huge burden of stigma from society. I felt like an outcast and that no one would love me or understand me because I was not well on meds and I was going nowhere. At least at this point I did have a roof over my head, and less stress because I didn't have to go to school or work. Then one day I decided to use Google to search for alternative treatments for mental illness. I found this website and started to research the information. Also, by chance, an acquaintance recommended that I read Julia Ross's book The Diet Cure. I read The Diet Cure cover to cover in a period of one or two days really thoroughly. I decided that it sounded a little too good to be true, but I thought I would go out and buy the supplies and give it a chance. I already knew I had a gluten allergy because I had been tested in grade school. And my mom fed me organic veggies as a kid. So part of it already made sense. I took out a loan and bought all of the food and supplements I thought I would need. There were a lot of them. I went to work and started following the diet exactly. I cut out all sugar, wheat, dairy, chocolate, and caffeine. Incidentally, I never do alcohol or drugs so I didn't have to quit those. After that my whole life changed around. I started being much more friendly and out-going. I started going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. I had control of going to sleep when I wanted to for the first time in years. The drugs never quite accomplished that. This was a major victory for me because I know that one of the major precursors to having my manias with delusional features was losing a night of sleep. I was always scared to lose sleep because I feared going nuts the next day. The next major thing I noticed, besides being in a good mood most of the time and being able to focus much, much better, was that I lost about 40 pounds. I went from a pants size of 13 down to a size seven or 10, depending on the brand. I had much, much more energy and constantly just felt exuberant and joyful about taking very long walks outside. I started working part-time to pay for my organic food and supplements. This was also a miracle because I had always been too apathetic to really hold down a job. I'm an artist and I started painting big acrylic paintings on canvas. I had always been encouraged in the arts by my family, but had never actually made much artwork. I drew maybe one picture a year at the most, most of my life. After I changed my diet I started painting all the time on a regular basis and I've shown my work twice since. I've painted at least 30 full paintings and some of them are quite large, around 30 by 40 inches. I started studying nutrition at an accredited nutrition college, but I plan on studying it in a independent study style to give me more free time and flexibility to make more artwork and develop my creative talents. My relationships have blossomed and I have held onto and maintained many real friendships with people who are my good friends in good times and bad. I have completely changed my role in my family from the "problem child" to the supportive, happy, enthusiastic-about-life grown woman that I am now. I actually get along with my family now, which is a total miracle. I never could get along with my mother very well my whole life. We actually can have a good time with each other and laugh now. I've had one long-term relationship that was meaningful and lasted around a year. All in all, I feel that I've worked hard to create a state of wellness for myself in most aspects of my life. I feel that wellness is a process that one has to work on every day. I still work on my nutrition, my relationships, and my work every day. And I don't take it for granted. I'm very thankful and grateful that I found this information about nutrition that I feel saved my life. I feel very happy and fulfilled in many ways and it wouldn't be possible with out