Recovery from bipolar disorder

A Multitude of Recoveries Through Alternative Mental Health Treatments

When 1 was diagnosed with bipolar disorder seven years ago, I never imagined how devastating it would be. 1 trusted that if I just took my meds, did what service providers told me and approached my treatment with a healthy attitude, I would be okay. I did not know that I would be forced to choose between dealing with the symptoms of my illness or dealing with the sometimes embarrassing or disruptive side effects from psychotropic medications. I did not know that I would have to give up many of my hopes, dreams, and goals. I did not know that a stigma would be cast upon me for having a chemical imbalance and that I would feel such shame and isolated as a result. After spending years ruining my life, I spent many years rebuilding. I was able to attain a certain level of stability on meds, but I still retained symptoms and most days felt like a struggle. Meds enabled me to keep ajob, but meds were far trom restorative. Meds were a big compromise. I started on the Truehope program 21 months ago. The symptoms of the illness are gone, there are no side-effects to deal with, and I feel physically healthy and strong. I am amazed every day how easily I do things. There are so many everyday activities that I used to struggle with, that now come so easily. I can keep a clean house; I can maintain friendships; I can plant a garden; I can maintain an exercise routine; I have hobbies. Simple things, but they are the stuff of life. I am so excited about my life now. I feel whole. I can actually set a goal now, and I might actually achieve it. This gives me a lot of hope for my future that had previously been robbed of by my illness. I am incredibly grateful for everything that I am now able to do, trom the small things to the bigger things. It is no exaggeration to say that I have rediscovered myself and my life. Thank you Truehope for restoring my life