Recovery from bipolar disorder

A Multitude of Recoveries Through Alternative Mental Health Treatments:
Michael Melice

I grew up in a military family so it made sense to me that I should go into the service as well at 18. Not long after that I had a nervous breakdown. I was diagnosed with manic depressive disorder (later bipolar disorder) and, at one point, schizo-affective. I woke up at that young age medicated with Haldol. I was told that I’d be on medication the rest of my life. It was a huge blow. But I vowed to the doctors that wouldn’t happen to me. For the next 15 years, from 1986-2000 I was on all kinds of medicine. At one point I was on 9 meds simultaneously. Despite my condition, I was married and divorced. The marriage failed, in part, due to the side effects of my meds. But in 2000, things changed. I attended a retreat for a week or two at the Poland Spring Health Institute, run by Seventh Day Adventists in Maine. There I took walks, ate organic food, and had steam baths, massages, and daily nutrition classes. I started eating properly and taking supplements. I received advice from a local health food store on what might help. I now eat organic and 80% of my diet is raw food. I’m at a healthy weight and my mind is clear. My stress tolerance is still not as good as I’d like it to be, but I am working on that. I’ve been drug free for 7 years and I’ve had no relapses. My therapist at the VA hospital has told me that never in her 35 years of practice has she seen someone recover like this. Coming off of meds was a real roller coaster ride. When you have been numb on drugs for years, it’s difficult to experience the emotions and feelings that have been buried for so long. I labeled my healthful philosophy NEW START: Nutrition Exercise Water Sunshine Trust in the lord as my savior Air Rest and sleep Time in the Word of God Michael Melice