Recovery from bipolar disorder

A Multitude of Recoveries Through Alternative Mental Health Treatments

Dear Safe Harbor and Safe Harbor website users, You know the horrific stories one hears of parents who kill their children due to depression? Well, I understand these people. I became so disillusioned due to a lifetime of untreated bipolar symptoms ( which deepened after giving birth to twins), that I felt that the only way I could protect my children from the sheer awfulness of life was to kill them. When I turned to pharmaceuticals, under the influence of Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft, and many others I found I would still get to this point of complete despair, and so I would have to quit taking them in order to save my children and to save myself from becoming yet another incomprehensible story. Two years ago (and fifteen years since the birth of my children, years of absolute misery), I set out on a quest to make myself well on my own; whatever it took, whatever self-help came my way, whatever I intuitively attracted to I would do. This has worked for me. It started out with a spiritual component which facilitated for the intuitive component to lead me on my journey. I was first "led" to 5-HTP and Relora (an herbal blend of magnolia and philodendron), and to practice the water cure (, and to take handfuls of nutritional supplements (mega B vitamins, B12, Omega 3, lecithin, GABA and many others and my symptoms then reduced by at least 50%. I was also led to a job in the consumer self-help/peer support industry where I get lots of emotional support from others with mental health issues. I get on the job training in peer support methods which helps with the behavioral issues of my disorder so that I can help others as well. All this together reduced my symptoms even further. Recently, I quit taking the 5-HTP and Relora in preference for a homeopathic product called Attend (by VAXA) which is actually formulated for ADD/ADHD but works well for my bipolar symptoms. My mood changes have reduced even more. In the summer of ’04 I met some Safe Harbor people at the Alternatives in Mental Health Conference in Denver, Colorado. What a joy to meet others who believe that total recovery from mental illness is possible. My biggest frustration is finding others who share this passion with me.