A Multitude of Recoveries Through Alternative Mental Health Treatments

Joanne came to see me over a year ago. She was distraught from not sleeping for five nights in a row. Her anxiety was off the charts and so extreme that she was pacing all around my very small office flailing her arms and asking me over and over if she was crazy. I assured her that what she was suffering from was anxiety and that homeopathy could help her. I spent the next hour and a half taking her homeopathic case and deciding upon the remedy Arsenicum album in a 1M single dose. She was afraid to take it at first, however. Though she was sure that Paxil would be worse because the anxiety had started following the use of an antibiotic, it was hard for her to voluntarily take any kind of medication now- even homeopathic. Fortunately Joanne's husband was present and he reassured her that the homeopathic medicine was natural, non-toxic and would have no side effects. Though not easily reassured, Joanne took the remedy. The next night she slept 5 hours. She was surprised and pleased. She was still so anxious that she called my office every day or two for reassurance that the remedy would not hurt her in any way. Within a few weeks Joanne's sleep became normalized and consistent at 7-8 hours per night and her anxiety became less and less. She had to repeat the remedy several months later and then a year later which was this summer. She radiantly told me that she was able to go back to work and was doing very well. She gets an odd but harmless physical symptom when she needs a dose of her remedy, which seems to hold her for about 6 months-one dose.