Dr. Sultan’s Patient Testimonials

A Multitude of Recoveries Through Alternative Mental Health Treatments

After 5 years of going from doctor to doctor and being on countless antibiotics, I finally found Dr. Sultan. I had gradually become a lifeless, lethargic, miserable, irritable, irrational person, constantly plagued with strep throat, yeast infections, bloating, constant constipation, poor concentration and depression. I really got no enjoyment out of life and was making those who I loved most just as miserable.
Dr. Sultan was truly a gift from God. I now feel, after being on candida treatment and diet and thyroid therapy, that I can be a wife, mother and fun-loving person that I thought had been long-lost and everybody had given up on. I really thought that this problem and miserable state of mind I was in was due to emotional problems or other things in my life when really it was such a curable problem all along. All I can say is, "Thanks!" to Dr. Sultan for helping me find my life again.
When I came to the Allergy Treatment Center I could not hardly function as a career person, mother or wife. I had been to five doctors last year, and I'd feel better for a while, then right back to the same thing. When I would return to the doctor, they would look puzzled. This was very frightening. I read a story in a magazine of a woman with the same story and I called the editor and I got a phone number for the American Treatment Society in Colorado Springs and they referred me to Dr. Sultan.
After two months, I feel alive and myself again, and the people I work with and my family have all noticed. Thanks for a quality life again.
Before coming to Dr. Sultan, I was at an emotional crisis. I sometimes even felt suicidal. Dr. Sultan was able to diagnose candidiasis and a hypothyroid which no other doctor cared to investigate. I now feel like a new person. I've gotten my life back. My physical and emotional symptoms have almost completely dissipated. I can never thank Dr. Sultan enough for helping me and I know that he truly cares about his patients' well being.
When I first came to Dr. Sultan, I felt so lifeless and near death. I was welcomed by a most compassionate and helpful, smiling staff. In four months' time, my energy level and ability to think clearly, sleep soundly and function well have improved tremendously. I can't sing or say enough praises for this hard working, dedicated staff headed by Dr. Sultan. My husband and family are very grateful also, for someone who dug beneath the surface to find the underlying causes and correct them without relying on medicines that only treat or mask symptoms.