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We are a Holistic practice with experience with the following Health Issues:  Depression, Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress, Martial Problems, Adolescent Problems, Career Issues, Anger Issues, Domestic Violence, Personal Injuries, Whiplash, Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Neurological Conditions, Developmental Delays, ADHD, ADD, LD, Aging Issues/Infirmities, Sports Performance, Back Pain, Scoliosis.  Chronic Problems are our specialty

Additional practitioners
Afton Alternative Associates: http://www.aftonalternativeassociates.com
Practitioner type

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Trauma Informed and Trauma Specific Therapy, Certified Advanced Rolfing, Licensed Occupational Therapy, Licensed Brain Gym Instructor, Young Living Essential Oils Dealer, Infant Mental Health Therapy, Infant-Family Mental Health, Capstone Infant Mental Health Specialty Certification (June, 2017)

Support patients coming off psychiatric drugs ?
Yes, if Recommended by their Health Practitioner.
Comments about supporting patients coming off of psychiatric drugs.

We do not advocate for individuals to discontinue prescribed medication but we can assist if they are wanting to come off of their medication under the following conditions: 1. The individual, in conjunction with their prescribing physician, have agreed that discontinuing medications (slowly is usually best) is recommended, 2. The individual is referred to our practice by their physician for supportive care as they discontinue their medications (This means they must get an official referral to our practice from their physician) and 3. The individual signs a release form with us for their prescribing physician that allows us to consult with them prior to beginning any work together.

Other Notes

We are a Holistic practice that focuses on and honors the body, mind, emotions and spirit. We focus on helping individuals take responsibility for their health and on providing the appropriate tools with which to accomplish this goal. When appropriate, if an individual requires services we do not provide, we refer them to the right practitioner while at the same time networking with this practitioner, per the client’s written approval, to insure continuity of care.

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