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Formerly in the medical field, I found myself still wanting to work with people. But as a caregiver, something was always missing; a body/mind/spirit connection.

Now as a Certified Holistic Therapist, Certified Body Mind Counselor, Licensed Massage Therapist & Essential Oils Consultant, I have developed the ability to “pick up” intuitively on cues (symptoms, blockages/stagnation) by placing my hands on the client’s body. I am now combining my knowledge of medicine with alternative therapies.

I have come to understand and appreciate the body-mind-spirit connection and its relationship to client health and wellness.

Support patients coming off psychiatric drugs ?
Yes, I have
Comments about supporting patients coming off of psychiatric drugs.

I facilitate the body’s own natural healing system that has become either stagnant or blocked; to bring about balance and harmony.

Through dialog I assist the client in moving through behavioral patterns and healing any aspect of their life that no longer serves them. A session may include visualization, meditation, energetic/emotional release techniques and evaluation of specific issues and how they affect our energy field.

This is then followed by hands on healing.

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