Recovery from “Schizophrenia”

Testimony from Lynn Robison
Mesa, Arizona

Female. Age 40. Previously diagnosed with schizophrenia. Patient submitted to therapy in the mental hospital in Hawaii and was given suppressive drug prescriptions. Her condition got worse so she refused medication and was released due to non-compliance to the protocol. I analyzed the state of energy in body systems and organs and found severe deficiency of vitality and excessive stress in most systems. Schizophrenia and irritable bowel syndrome were her primary concerns. Irritable bowel syndrome responded to the energy of homeopathics. Also responded well to fresh cabbage juice. Schizophrenia responded to a treatment to cancel out the energies of entities causing "voices". Several remedies from flower essences, homeopathics and gems-minerals were used. She was able to return to work and function well in society following treatment however I must admit she was not the best in following instructions and taking her remedies regularly.