Recovery from partial missing brain

Gayle Eversole, CRNP, PhD, AHG,
DHom Creating Health Institute for the natural healing arts

My most unusual case involved a 12 year old male who was born with only a portion of his brain. At the time I was contacted by his mother, he was taking Prozac, Depakote, Dilantin and his school wanted him on Ritalin as well. His mother was able to present my proposal to his neurologist and the psychiatrist. Tapers were instituted by the prescribers to decrease his levels of medication. I set up a nutritional program, used the nutritional supplements at orthomolecular levels, used an excellent Eclectic formula along with a very good herbal blend for mood disorders. I spoke with the mother in the last two months and found out that her son continues to do very well, and is on no medicines, but is still using the herbal blend PRN (as needed). His grandmother noted that he "seemed like a regular twelve year old boy", and for me that was a good change. On the drug regime he was combative and very reactive, unable to pay attention in school, and many other behavioral problems.