Recovery from “paranoid schizophrenia”

Greg Yuen, M.D.
(Dr. Yuen is listed on our directory in Hawaii)

I had a patient diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia. He had been hospitalized twice for his condition. When he came to see me he just stared out in space in front of him and sweat just beaded down his face because he was paranoid. He wanted to try alternative approaches to his condition so I explored orthomolecular psychiatry. I put him on a regimen which I forget exactly what it was because this was some 15-20 years ago. His condition did respond. He ended up becoming an painter of acrylics. He got married and adopted a child. His condition is fine; he no longer follows any special nutritional regimen. He is a househusband and cares for his daughter. We are still in touch. I didn't pursue more orthomolecular approaches since then and just got into mainstream psychiatry. I am now wanting to get back to more orthomolecular psychiatry and also try other alternative therapy approaches.