Recovery from panic attacks

A Multitude of Recoveries Through Alternative Mental Health Treatments

About 6 years ago there was someone ill in my family and I was very worried ( it was the first time such a situation had happened to me) and I "stopped" eating, that is, I ate very little. I started feeling too anxious, then I started having an obsessive condition (that I was getting crazy) and then 3 panic attack episodes. I tried homeopathy, acupuncture and psychotherapy but nothing worked really. Then, I don't remember very well how, I realized I was weak and I knew I had to eat better. After nearly 2 days, the anxiety decreased and all the other symptoms as well. Nowadays, I know, when I start feeling afraid of something (when my thoughts start disturbing me) it is lack of proper food. Then I eat and get well again. I am psychologist and I work with herbal therapy as well and Bach Flower remedies but when those sensations start, it is purely a matter of nutrients.