Recovery from OCD

A Multitude of Recoveries Through Alternative Mental Health Treatments

I developed OCD, i.e finger counting, ten years ago after an attempt to give up smoking (symptom substitution) age 24. The stress of the attempt brought on the OCD symptoms. After that I have been put on every medication conceivable with zero helpful effects! I was abruptly taken off all medication at their strongest dosage levels. Thank God for good doctors. After nearly dying from the severe withdrawal symptoms, I recovered and suffered away for a further ten years, the last two years being quite severe with intrusive, very annoying thoughts, debilitating even. I started doing my own research and trying out different products, e.g, St. John's wort, etc., etc., etc., etc. Two weeks ago I bought 250g of inositol I took a large desert spoon full and ran straight to the bathroom. It was too much. After lowering the dose to a tea spoon after meals three times a day I can only say I was in complete shock at the positive effects it produced in about eight hours: Zero OCD, zero intrusive thoughts, loads of energy, concentration levels have quadrupled, calmer, more relaxed too. What more can I say?