Recovery from Bipolar

A Multitude of Recoveries Through Alternative Mental Health Treatments

I "accidentally" discovered fish oil helped my bipolar immeasurably when I started taking it as a natural alternative to surgery for my wrist. They never did decide whether it was peripheral neuropathy from an OLD injury, or if it was carpal tunnel, but they didn't hesitate to recommend surgery. :( The fish oil sounded like a much better solution. It worked... slowly. Meanwhile, a bipolar friend who saw me for the first time for a few months said how much BETTER I seemed - and whatever I was doing to keep it up! I did, and the moods got even more stable. And more, and more. I knew the DHA in the fish oil was shown to help depression, but while I was taking it they discovered EPA was good for mood swings. As this continued, my psychiatrist started weaning me off of the drugs. Not just taking them away, but doing it in a controlled, recommended manner. He kept taking more and more away, and I got MORE stable. He kept taking them away until I wasn't taking any. :) I don't see him anymore, but knowing him, he's just as happy about that. :) Everything I need "talk" wise, I seem to be able to handle better by talking to other MH consumers or writing to them.