Candida-induced Anxiety

A Multitude of Recoveries Through Alternative Mental Health Treatments

I was terribly afraid of what was happening to me, as I was unaware that there was any physiological or medical condition causing these symptoms. I sought a doctor's help; then two, then three. In all three instances, I was quickly examined and upon hearing my laundry list of symptoms, I was offered psychiatric meds as the solution to what they considered ailed me--my mind. I declined the drugs in each instance, convinced that the physicians didn't have a clue what was really happening with me. After 9 months of this torture and fear, it was recommended to me to go to a chiropractor who applied nutrition testing to his patients. He determined, through this testing, that my body was full of yeast and the high-sugar fruits I was eating were "feeding" the yeast, causing them to multiply and affect me on a continuing and unrelenting basis. The chiropractor put me on a diet that prohibited yeast or fermented products, sugar, cheese, and dairy. It took 3 weeks of religiously following the diet to kill the yeast, but I did. Actually, within a week, I was feeling much better. I've not experienced any more of those symptoms since. I owe that chiropractor a lot for correctly assessing my situation and for not assuming that it was all in my head and that a prescription of Prozac would make it all go away!