Nutritional Supplements For Treating “Bipolar Disorder,” “ADD,” and other Mental Health Conditions

Many companies have developed nutritional supplements that reportedly treat a variety of mental health problems.

Below are some, provided for informational purposes only. Safe Harbor and do not endorse or recommend specific commercial products.

1) The most studied of these that we are aware of, with university research, is the supplement developed by TrueHope of Canada, also referred to as The Synergy Group. Research has been supported by the Alberta government. They can be contacted via at 888 878 3467 (in North America). The Synergy Group of Canada is the research team which developed the unique Truehope vitamin and mineral supplement E.M.Power+.

The supplement has been reported in a major psychiatric journal to be highly effective with bipolar disorder. It is also reported to be effective with other mental disorders.

The same or a very similar, product is available at Evince International at or at 800 361-1370 or 866 438-4623

2) Another supplement for mental disorders is called Balance and is sold through the office of chiropractor Dr. Sal Martingano in Florida. Originally used to treat ADD, the supplement is reported by Dr. Martingano to be good for other mental conditions as well. More information is at 321 729 9430.

3) A herbal product called Relora is said to be good for anxiety. According to the manufacturer’s site, 8 of 10 people felt more relaxed on it and 7 of 10 enjoyed a more restful sleep. More information is at

4) Kids Plus+, a natural, allergy-free nutritional supplement was specifically developed to target “ADHD” symptoms. It was introduced in Austria and Germany early in 2001 by Algavital, Austria. “With so many families facing the reality of an ADHD diagnosed child, our aim is to help eliminate the anguish associated with a medication-only based solution,” said Ed Leach, manager of American Blue Green, the US distributor. More information is available at American BlueGreen, LLC – 541 464-5942 or Website:

5) A full nutritional supplement program – called God’s Recipe – for children labeled with ADD is located at

6) A product called Sweetkid, reportedly helpful for children labeled with ADD or depression, is available at

“I saw great results with the combination of probiotics, enzymes and superfoods rich in minerals. However, each adult and child had to take upwards of eight to twenty capsules per day at a cost of $3.00 to $5.00 a day. I wanted a formulation which was easier to swallow and easier on the wallet. With the advent of Sweet Wheat®, I saw the best superfood ever grown, the richest mineral source I had ever discovered. So, I decided to combine Sweet Wheat® with my previously successful formula to see what the result would be. The results were overwhelmingly successful and SweetKid™ was born. I have had many health care professionals use this formulation with rave results.”

7) A product called Tarvil, released in 2002, has been reported as effectively managing the symptoms of tardive dyskinesia (TD) in men by the use of branched chain amino acids (BCAA). TD is a neurological disorder that is secondary to anti-psychotic medications used to treat severe mental problems such as schizophrenia.

Clinical research findings have shown that a decreased ability to clear the amino acid phenylalanine from the plasma is associated with symptoms of TD in men. It is also known that ingestion of BCAA reduces plasma levels of phenylalanine and its availability to the brain. We currently have no supplier information for Tarvil.

8. The supplemental product called “Learning Factors” is reported to help children with learning difficulties, allergies, etc. (There is a Learning Factors Smoothie Mix as well as Learning Factors: School Aid, Essential Fatty Acids products in liquid and capsule form). More info is at site under “product info.”

9. A soap product called Master’s Miracle has been reported to be helpful with depression, autism symptoms, and physical maladies. For more information, contact

10. A natural product called Clarocet is reported to help with anxiety and depression. Full info is at

11. A natural anti-anxiety agent called Seredyn, composed of an amino acid and herbs, is available at

12. A natural antidepressant and anti-anxiety agent called Amoryn is available at It has herbal, vitamin, and amino acid components.

13. A natural vegetable form of lithium for treating depression and bipolar symptoms is available as Lithinase and is available from a number of websites. Just search for Lithinase in a search engine.
14. This product is reported to be an all-natural aid to help fight depression:

15. From Nature’s Inventory: Oils for mental health: “We have many customers who suffer from a variety of mental health issues; major depression, anxiety, ADHD and PTSD to name a few, share with us how much they have enjoyed our Wellness Oils for the calming, uplifting and stress-relieving qualities. The specific products are Happy, Focus and Calm, they are deeply grounding and very effective for high anxiety, stress, depression, attention deficit and panic attacks.”; 866-775-2009