Natural Treatment for Acute Mania

By Walter Lemmo, N.D.


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(The following is presented as information only and should only be attempted under a physician’s care)

Dealing with acute cases can be extremely challenging to manage in an out-patient setting, including for a physician willing to explore alternative treatments. At times a hospital environment is necessary largely because of the controlled environment (and not necessarily because of the drugs).

Having said this, it is possible to attempt controlling an acute manic episode if you have the proper support from family, friends, and physician (24 hour on-call care is vital). If not, I would not attempt such an intervention.

I have found that there are a few simple approaches to try to help control acute cases:

1. Tryptophan – 8000mg – 14,0000mg per day. This has been studied for treating mania and I have used it as well with success in some cases

2. Melatonin – 10mg twice daily (or more)

3. Benedryl – 50mg IM and repeated every 2 hours as needed

In every case, I have also used tailored intravenous nutritional support. This area I have found to be vital in the treatment program and the protocol I use varies upon the case.