Flower Essences for Emotional and Mental Well Being

by Gayle Eversole, DHom, PhD, CRNP, AHG

This is Part II in 3-part series on herbal treatments for mental health by Dr. Eversole)

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In Part I, I made reference to Plato, speaking in his writings that have come to be known as “The Republic”. Plato speaks very clearly about the relationship of the mind, body, and soul, to the whole of our being.

Edgar Cayce, from his readings, number 1967-1, tells us to “know that all strength, all healing of every nature is the changing of the vibrations from within – the attuning of the Divine within the living tissue of the body to Creative energies. This alone is healing. Whether it is accomplished by the use of drugs, the knife or whatnot, it is the attuning of the atomic structure of the living cellular force to its spiritual heritage.”

In today’s medicine it is now psychoneuroimmunology, or PNI, that has begun to examine the mind-body connection and its relationship to dis-ease. PNI has established this link through scientific studies in laboratories around the world.

Flower essences are a part of what may now be called “vibrational remedies”. Vibrational medicine follows nature in its true form. This connection with chaos theory is one that leads to restoration of order, following from a higher level of functioning to restore and rebalance energy fields, leading to healing in our physical, mental and emotional systems.

More than 20 years of research into biodynamic models has led Machaelle Small Wright to develop the Perelandra essences. A new solution in the series of essences in the Microbial Balancing System (MBP) is for Nervous System Balancing. This essence affects healing in the brain, spinal cord, cerebral spinal fluid, central nervous system, visual and auditory systems, and the senses of taste and smell. There are six other solutions in this series, including one for endocrine balancing.

North American Flower Essences (NAE) of the Flower Essence Society (FES) has ongoing research into the use of NAE for treatment of depression. Other research essences were used in response to the trauma of the World Trade Center bombing. FES has developed a method of using the NAE in bodywork for emotional healing. Patricia Kaminkis’s book on the use of essences in massage and other bodywork is titled “Touching The Soul”.

The Masters Essences, made mostly from fruits and vegetables, is an excellent system for treating children.

The oldest established system of treatment with flower remedies dates from 1938. This is the Bach System. The 38 remedies are successful in treating core issues at the spiritual level, achieving major healing for physical, mental, and emotional ills. The evolution experienced by Dr. Edward Bach as he developed the art of medicine through discovery and refinement of his flower remedies, clearly lead us to the healing of the soul to heal the body and mind.

Eric Love, PhD, of Montana, has developed the use of the Bach remedies into a very powerful emotional healing system. He tells us that the Bach system is very effective for healing, except for those who do not wish in their heart to heal.

Götz Blome, MD, states that the “strength of Bach flower therapy lies in the normalization of psychic disruptions and the resolution of inner conflicts as well as in the improvement of physical conditions that have recognizable psychic causes or symptoms”. He developed a system of Bach remedy combinations that contributes greatly to our emotional and mental health. An example of one of Dr. Blome’s combination is Crab Apple and Vine, which treats the “petty fanaticism for cleanliness”. Each section in his book, “Advanced Bach Flower Therapy”, defines a Bach remedy for physical and emotional effect, and includes “Psychotherapeutic Notes”. It is like a Materia Medica (the “Bible of homeopathy”) of flower essences for health practitioners. Dr. Blome has been in medicine for more than 20 years, and lives and works in Germany.

The standard emergency remedy in the Bach system is well known Rescue Remedy. This composite formula is made from the flower essences of five of the 38 remedies, and is the only ready-made combination. Rescue Remedy contains Cherry Plum for fear of loss of control; Clematis for possible loss of consciousness or dizziness; Impatiens for pain and tension; Rock Rose for panic and terror; and Star of Bethlehem for grief, shock, and trauma. It offers almost instant relief for recently experienced physical or emotional trauma. For long-standing and deeply seated traumas, the reaction and response time can be weeks or months, depending on the individual.

Many other flower essence systems have been developed in the past 20 years: all able to address physical and emotional healing. Flower essences can be an effective and beneficial self-help system. Since the remedies may have to be adjusted on a frequent basis to achieve healing, it is best to work with an experienced flower essence practitioner, or one of the several psychiatrists who use this system, when choosing treatment for serious and long-standing conditions.

One special blessing of the flower essences is their beneficial use in work with animals. For those who work with these special creatures, I recommend “Treating Animal Illnesses & Emotional States” by Baer and Lewis.

Nervous Tension
This blend will relax the nervous system, ease tension, and bring emotional equilibrium.
· 10 drops Lavender
· 10 drops Petitgrain
· 4 drops Roman Chamomile


This blend will profoundly relax the individual, induce sleep, and bring calm to an active mind that is preventing the correct emotional balance and total relaxation.
· 10 drops Lavender
· 10 drops Basil
· 3 drops Neroli
The Twelve Outstanding States of Mind, according to Bach


State of Mind


Essence Type






Doubt and Discouragement








Indifference and Boredom




Over Enthusiasm












Over Concern




Mental Torture and Worry








Pride and Aloofness


Water Violet




Rock Rose