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Depression is a universally understood condition of sadness and despondency. Life has lost its luster and gloom prevails. Some sadness is an inherent part of weathering life’s misfortunes. People normally recover from such low points and carry on. Other conditions of sadness may require lifestyle changes such as resolving a rocky marriage, dropping bad habits, … Continued


Copyright © 2008 Dr. Raymond J. Pataracchia B.Sc., N.D. The Naturopathic Medical Research Clinic 20 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite #441 Toronto, Ontario, M4P 1A9 (416)944-8824 (T); (647)439-1551 (F)   Orthomolecular medicine can be helpful in treating the biochemical imbalances of mood and behaviour disorders. This broad grouping of disorders includes anxiety, severe depression, bipolar disorder, … Continued

Natural Treatment for Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder

by Gayle Eversole, CRNP, PhD, AHG, DHo Light is important for all living things. With autumn we experience equal hours of darkness and daylight. Light continues to shorten dramatically until winter solstice when daylight in Moscow is just over eight hours each day. Less light brings hibernation naturally. During fall and winter the lack … Continued

Medical Causes of Psychosis, Anxiety, and Depression

by Ronald J. Diamond, M.D., Dept. of Psychiatry, University of Wisconsin Editor’s note: The following is the finest article we have found on the subject of medical causes of severe mental symptoms. We are grateful to Dr. Diamond for his permission to reprint. The reader should note that this article only covers standard medical causes … Continued

Evidence-based uses of Chinese medical therapies in the treatment of depressed mood

J. Lake, M.D. (NOTE: these comments and recommendations are directed toward Western physicians who treat mental and emotional symptoms) Consider referring a depressed (non-suicidal) patient to a Chinese medical practitioner who is qualified to use acupuncture, electro-acupuncture or herbal medicines to treat this condition. Specific recommendations: Consider referring patients with depression to specific Chinese medical … Continued