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Jordan, Age 10

Jordan had 20 diagnoses by the time we came to Pfeiffer. Some were ADHD, depression, Asperger's Syndrome, paranoia, oppositional defiance disorder, etc. When Jordan came to Pfeiffer in May 1999, he was uncontrollable, literally.
Jordan's body could not to tolerate medications and every time doctors attempted to control Jordan's behaviors via medication, he had violent and damaging reactions which left him worse than when we started... We needed in-home care to manage him and...(the hospital) strongly advised institutionalizing Jordan for the sake of the rest of the family. Their feeling was that Jordan could never re-enter regular school, activities, or programs without the help of medication...

We began supplements in June 1999 and it took 5 to 6 months for the behavioral disorders to dissipate, but they gradually did! His violent anger and physical aggression was the first to die down, then the fears and paranoia...One of the most exciting and touching things for us as parents was to hear and see Jordan laugh. We found that he had never really laughed before as he was so terribly unhappy.

We are still fine-tuning, BUT Jordan is back into regular school making As and Bs; socializing with peers. He lives at home with us and never was put into a "home". He played flag football, leaned to ski and can be a team player. After living through 5 years of pure hell. we can't express enough how beautiful life is with Jordan being stabilized.

Nathan - Age 10

Nathan was always tough to deal with as an infant: cried a lot, did not sleep well, and was always sick with chronic ear and sinus infections. Our "roller coaster ride" began when Nathan was age two. We found a wonderful daycare center and I went back to work. This is when our problems began. Nathan would not let the other children play together, he threw fits that escalated when you tried to calm him down, he did a lot of biting and basically kept the room in utter chaos from the moment he walked in. At home he would wake up in the middle of the night and cry. The more we tried to comfort him the worse he would get. Getting him to wear clothes was a nightmare (always too tight; too scratchy, etc.). Loud noises freaked him out. The list goes on and on.

We tried every discipline book ever written; new methods would work for a week, if we were lucky. As Nathan grew bigger, we had to turn the lock around on his bedroom door and lock him in his room while he raged for hours at a time. Psychologists, neurologists and psychiatrists counseled us as we looked into various programs for his daytime care.

By age three, Nathan was on Clonidine and Imipramine. We did trials of Ritalin and Cylert, which made him worse. Drugs would work for approximately six months and then we would find ourselves leaving work to pick up our raging son on a daily basis.

Nathan hit new extremes by age six. The daycare center couldn't handle him any more. He would run out of the daycare center into the street in a split second. At this time he was admitted into a psychiatric outpatient day program at a local hospital. The final diagnoses were ADHD, Bipolar Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. The final drug "recipe" consisted of the following: Lithium, Dexedrine, Tenex and Risperdal. Still we had many outbursts and problems to contend with. 

We were at the point where we felt we had no where to turn when a coworker gave me a tape of a Phil Donahue episode which featured William Walsh from the Pfeiffer Treatment Center. On the tape, my husband and I saw a little boy whose behavior was pretty close to our son. Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde types behavior. Nathan's look would turn very "dark" and he would have a complete physical change with his fits of rage. It was taking hours to get him under control. This center was our only hope.

We were seen in November and Nathan began treatment in January. He had a high histamine level and a copper zinc imbalance. Reading the accompanying diagnosis sheets was like reading Nathan's life story. We were told that he could get worse before he got better….and boy was that true!!! With the support of Marcia Moran, we were able to get through the rough time that lasted a long ten days. Nathan still continued to have problems and fits, which improved by modifying his diet during this time. We learned that he had severe reactions to food dyes and chocolate. Before his treatment from Pfeiffer, we were in such constant chaos that we never saw a direct correlation between foods and behavior, but as things started to balance out, we started seeing very obvious reactions to foods.

At that time, Nathan had been unable to function in any regular school or daycare setting, so we had to enroll him in a school for children with ADHD and behavior problems. This school cost $9,000 a year! However, as time went by and Nathan had his follow-up testing and adjustments we started to see a more stable happy little boy.

At present, Nathan is a happy, healthy 10 year old and is in the 4th grade at the Catholic school that he was kicked out of in kindergarten. There are no more fits of rage, only occasional defiance when he has grown and is ready for adjustments to be made to his program. I wish we had known about the Pfeiffer Center when Nathan began having problems. There are so many things that were said and done that we would like to be able to take back.
As I said earlier, Nathan was always sick. We got an unexpected bonus with the treatment. Nathan has not been sick with a sinus infection, earache or anything at all since he began his treatment over five years ago. 

There is no doubt in our minds that the Pfeiffer Treatment Center's diagnosis and treatment is the answer to Nathan's problems. We are grateful for all of the service you provide. We want to help spread the word for other children and parents who are living like we did.

Shirley, Age 59

My name Is Shirley. I am 59 years old and I am on the vitamin treatment program at Pfeiffer Treatment Center- It has changed my life.

I was slow at learning and was always afraid of everything. [As a child,] if I left my classroom to go on an errand for the teacher, my mind would go blank and I wouldn’t know where my desk was when I returned. As a young adult, I was terrified of getting lost. Also, I angered easily and had poor self-esteem. After I married and had children, things got worse. I was very depressed and would fly off the handle and yell at them. I was very depressed a lot of the time. This played havoc with our family life. I tried counseling and it helped sonic. As I approached menopause, resulting from the hormonal imbalance... I became more depressed and really felt hopeless. “Then one day my husband told me a customer of his had recommended Pfeiffer Treatment Center. The day I first came to the treatment center, it was like coming home. I felt they would help me and I was so grateful. The staff was very friendly and I felt that they cared about me. A nurse went over my history and asked me questions and then they took blood and urine and some hair from the back of my head in a careful manner so it wouldn’t show. They sent these out for testing. “It turned out that I have a chemical imbalance that I was most likely born with and that I am a malabsorber, I was so glad that there was finally a diagnosis for what was wrong with me! I started on the vitamin therapy and... I realized one day that I no longer had the racing, repetitive thoughts that I had struggled with all my life. They were gone! Then my first grandchild was born and I found that I loved her... I was finally able to love. Then the ability to find my way places began to improve... and the terrible fear of getting lost began to leave me. “I stayed away from sugar, took estrogen replacement therapy and the compounded vitamins from Pfeiffer. I became a new, much happier woman. I am much more confident socially now and I love all my family now, especially the grandchildren. I retest at Pfeiffer Treatment Center once a year and they continue to be supportive and answer any questions that I might have. I thank God for Pfeiffer Treatment Center and their Program that helped change my life.

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