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Before coming to Dr. Maulfair, I was extremely fatigued, listless and depressed. I suffered with anxiety and panic attacks, forgetfulness, insomnia, and had an obsessive compulsive personality.

I was on different antidepressants, only to find they never worked. I visited several doctors. My symptoms got worse. This went on for eight years until I found Dr. Maulfair.

After receiving the results of my tests I found out I had hypoglycemia, poor digestion and poor absorption. I was started on nutritional therapy, digestive enzymes, adrenal concentrate, and B12. Within 5 months I felt better, had more energy. I now enjoy life. I thank Dr. Maulfair and his staff of compassionate people for my healing. There should be more doctors who believe in healing naturally instead of giving drugs only to mask what's really wrong.


When I first came to Dr. Maulfair, I was very sick. Previously I was diagnosed by a doctor and psychiatrist as having "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome," an illness that does not have a treatment. My worst symptoms were total lack of energy and my brain was constantly in a fog. I was losing the ability to take care of myself and even thought that in the near future I would have to place myself in a nursing home.

Fortunately, through a friend, I head about Dr. Maulfair. From the very beginning he gave me the very best medicine, he gave me HOPE. I was put on a diet and vitamin therapy, and very soon afterwards I started to improve.

Now my brain is back to normal and my energy level increased.


My 6-year-old daughter was diagnosed with some neurological problems when she was 4 years old. The original medical response was to use Ritalin and Prozac. She did not tolerate the Ritalin at all - it made her very anxious. The Prozac initially helped, but she developed side effects. We then went to see Dr. Maulfair, who prescribed various vitamins and minerals. We had lots of blood-work and other tests done and I started her on a gluten-free diet. She is in a small classroom for part of the day and in the regular classroom for the rest. She is doing very well with the holistic approach and I feel much better giving her vitamins and minerals than a prescription drug.


Dear Dr. Maulfair

This month marks a one year anniversary since I met you and my better health began. I originally went to your seminar and heard about chelation therapy, free radicals, and how the Maulfair Medical Centerís philosophy is to help you help your body nurse itself back to optimal health. I wasn't too sure about making an appointment for myself that evening but I did anyway...... I was plagued with obvious digestion problems and irregularity making me feel bloated. I recalled eating dinners and retaining fluids in my ankles and feet so that my shoes no longer fit. ... I recently ... noticed a personality change. I was no longer tolerant or calm. It seemed as though most of the time I was dealing with extreme anger with no apparent cause, as well as frustration, anxiety and tears. These symptoms came on without a change in my career or personal life and I noticed that I was angry at 7:30 A.M. on my way to work, clutching the steering wheel so that my muscles in my hands hurt.... My family doctor prescribed Prozac. This did work, however, I needed, a better solution that was less controversial. So I decided to come to you, Dr. Maulfair.

One year later, Iím no longer on Prozac and my moods are much more consistent. I am no longer irregular nor do I retain extreme amounts of fluids. There is no gaseous feeling in my intestines and stomach. And along with all this I lost another symptom which was painful cramping during menstruation, something Iíve been dealing with for almost forty years and thought I was stuck with until change of life set in.And hereís the good news. Itís pretty obvious to me that many of my problems were due to vitamin deficiency. Dr. Maulfair, you are the first doctor to truly take the time to significantly test me ... so that you could knowledgeably prescribe the right vitamins in the right dosage. You see I have taken vitamins before however they were of little benefit. My symptoms never subsided. There was a lot of guess work and no one had taken the time to test me so thoroughly before prescribing vitamins. You also found that I have candida which has complicated all my other symptoms and makes it difficult for me to keep my weight lower. My mood was also changed... no more Prozac and no more excesses in my anger levels, Iím back to the old me... Iím capable of anger but now it is connected to some understandable cause.I feel better today than I have in years. My energy level has been the greatest reward. Iím no longer slumped over at three in the afternoon everyday. If I stop taking the prescribed vitamins, one of the first changes is lack of energy.Thank you for taking the time to care...


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