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Previous Newsletters:

April 2017 – Gut microbiome influences Irritale Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and anxiety; lay health workers can deliver effective mental health care; proper diet brings 1/3 of depressive individuals to remission; eating fruit and vegetables is associated with reduced stress; Safe Harbor’s first Education Partner; Dan Stradford in a free interview series; 10-year user-perspective of antipsychotic use – less is better.

January 2017 – Antibiotics can cause changes in mental state; 11 types of non-drug treatments are effective for depression; Smartphone app suite reduces anxiety and depression as well as antidepressants; Living near bodies of water improves mental state; book review Codex Alternus.

November 2016 – Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation for schizophrenia; Emotional Freedom Technique for anxiety, stress and PTSD; vitamin D and mental health; yogic breathing (pranayama) lowers inflammation; bodily electrical grounding benefits for stress, sleep and mental health.

September 2016 – Cerebral spinal fluid testing, gateway to a better diagnosis?; resveratrol and Alzheimer’s; U.S. Open Dialog pilot shows positive outcomes; positive impact of volunteering; aerobic exercise and schizophrenia; book review of Cassandra Vieten’s “Spiritual and Religious Competencies in Clinical Practice: Guidelines for Psychotherapists and Mental Health Professionals”.

August 2016 – Ibogaine and substance abuse; antibiotics correlated with mental health issues; Behavioral Activation vs. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; the psychiatry / psychology divide; environmental toxins and brain development; eating fruit and mood; gut transit time and gut health; BPA plastics and boys with ADHD; book review of Emma Bragdon’s “The Call of Spiritual Emergency”.

June 2016 – Smoking during pregnancy and schizophrenia; pediatric bipolar, fish oil and inositol; trauma and Dissociative Identity Disorder; Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy; calorie restriction impact on mood and anxiety.

April 2016 – Omega-3 fatty acids and depression; testing for celiac disease; motivational interviewing; exercise and first episode psychosis; meditation and depression; book review of Dion Zessin’s “Codex Alternus”.

December 2015 – Light Therapy for depression; omega-3 fatty acids and schizophrenia; essential fatty acids and bipolar; clinical insight (Dr. Judy Tsafrir MD, David Berceli PhD, Paula Sellars MSW).

September 2015 – Three key influences on mental health (Omega-3 fatty acids, gut hygiene, social connections); clinical insight (Dr. Dagmar Ramos MD, Dr. Judith Pentz MD, Dr. Daniel Benor MD).

June 2015 – Autoimmunity and first episode psychosis; environmental links to anxiety; clinical insight (Dr. Russell Razzaque MD, Dr. Mary Ackerley MD, and Dr. Pradeep Chadha MD).