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Herbs for Treatment of Emotional and Mental States

By Gayle Eversole, DHom, PhD, RN (CP) Over the past decade much has put attention on the use of herbs in the treatment of mental and emotional difficulties. Probably the most well known herb now, because of all of this commotion, is Saint John’s Wort. As a longtime medical herbalist, I look over all … Continued

Flower Essences for Emotional and Mental Well Being

by Gayle Eversole, DHom, PhD, CRNP, AHG This is Part II in 3-part series on herbal treatments for mental health by Dr. Eversole) This article is translated into Belorussian at international/flowers- alternativementalhealth-be/   Get past issues of Alternative Mental Health News Here In Part I, I made reference to Plato, speaking in his … Continued

Using Natural Remedies in the Treatment of Emotional and Mental States

by Gayle Eversole, DHom, PhD, CRNP, AHG Natural healing is an ancient practice, documented in cave paintings at least 80,000 years old. Through the ages more than three-fourths of the world’s population have relied on remedies from nature. Most people associate this approach with physical health needs. The healers of the past knew better: they … Continued